The Calvary Corner, the website, and our various Social Media channels are how we keep members and the public informed about all of the wonderful things going on at Calvary.  These publications are managed by our Technical Arts Ministry, the communications arm of Calvary Baptist Church. Articles are published in a searchable format that is also archived for future reference.

How to submit an article to the Technical Arts Ministry:

–          Articles must be approved by the Senior Pastor

–          Length of article generally should not exceed 500 words.

–          Send article to [email protected]; include ‘News Article’ in the Subject line

–          Photographs or illustrations to go with text are encouraged

–          Send digital images separately (not embedded in text) in jpeg or tiff format

–          All copyrighted material is to be properly credited to its author(s), or permission to reprint granted, as appropriate

–          Submit articles within 30 days of the event for timely posting on  Articles will generally be posted within 7 days of submission.

Please contact the Church’s Administrative Assistant, Martha Buxton, at 401-461-7507 with any questions.