Friday, September 16th: PrayerFest – Downtown Providence
Saturday, September 17th: PrayerFest – Downtown Providence
Sunday, September 18th – Worship Service – Calvary Baptist Church


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember…?

  • Getting pick-up or dropped off in the Church Van
  • Playing a part in the annual Christmas Play
  • Learning a new Bible verse in Sunday School
  • Making special crafts at Pioneers after school program
  • Playing tag in the parking lot at Happy Days summer camp
  • Singing in the sanctuary during Vacation Bible School
  • Camp fires at Camp Canonicus
  • Playing in the Bell Choir
  • Vocal warm-ups at Youth Choir practice
  • Volunteering to help South Providence Ministries
  • Staying up all night at a church Lock-In
  • Your first step into the Baptism Pool
  • Driving/flying to a Youth Conference


No matter where life has brought you today, you have these great childhood memories because God blessed you through your fellowship with Calvary. Join us in celebrating those blessed times.

Plans are still underway so stay up to date on your reunion details by frequently visiting our website –, Facebook page – Calvary Baptist Church, or contact Annmarrie Kamara and Darthula Mathews at [email protected]. For more information about PrayerFest visit