Allia B. Lima, is a 21 year old native of Rhode Island with family of Cape Verdean and African American decent. She is a student of RI College majoring in the medical field of Nursing and a presently employed at Miriam hospital where she enjoys the role of assisting and nurturing patients to health. Allia is a resident of North Providence where she lives with her family of 6 and is the oldest of 4 siblings. She is a member of the Lincoln Seventh Day Adventist church where she and her entire family lead out in various ministries with music being the greatest of them all and is a mutual passion and gift among the entire family. With the blessing of music running through her veins, Allia’s musical gifts and vocal talents were first evident at a very young age. She possesses a smooth melodic voice with great harmonic ranges and a sultry sound that she chooses to use for the honor and glory of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Growing up she was always exposed to gospel music and ministry and as a young adult she enjoys sharing her God-given gifts with others as she believes that she is blessed to be a blessing. She has been a member of over 10 gospel choirs and groups in the U.S. and overseas in the past 15 years and is often featured as a soloist. After 12 years of experience in music ministry, Allia was encouraged to take on greater challenges and became co-founder of a youth gospel ensemble called Praise Outlet. Allia enthusiastically serves as leader and director of the group and continues to take the group to higher levels of harmonic structure, musicality, testimonials of praise and spiritual growth. Recently she agreed to expand beyond her own church her walls and assist in the development of a church choir at the Calvary Baptist Church in Providence where she believes God will use her in a mighty way to enlarge her ministerial and musical territory while doing the same for the choir members and congregation as well.