You Are Invited

Welcome to Calvary Baptist Church. You are invited to be a part of this special family of God. We are a loving family of God from many nations, backgrounds, ages, and colors. One of our greatest strengths is that our diversity allows us to grow in new ways in Jesus Christ.

Each time we worship together, we experience a variety of worship styles that enrich our time with God and one another.

We welcome you to join us for outstanding worship, preaching of the Word of God, and relevant service to the community and the world.

Sunday worship begins promptly at 10:00 AM, followed by fellowship.

Our Worship Service is televised –

Saturdays from 12 noon to 1 pm on channel 14

Sundays from 3 – 4 pm on channel 18   (Pawtucket/East Providence and Providence)

Wednesdays from 4 – 5 pm on channel 18  (Pawtucket/East Providence and Providence)