Our Covenant

Calvary’s members have agreed to abide by the covenant below.  It expresses our commitment to one another and to God.

Having accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, and His word as the rule of our life, we solemnly covenant together that aided by the Spirit of God, we will walk together in love; will watch over and care for one another; will share each other’s joys and bear each other’s burdens; will be always slow to take offense and quick to make reconciliation;

That we will faithfully engage in the work and worship of the church, and in the study of the Bible and in prayer; that we will contribute regularly, according to ability, to the ministries of the church, and to extend the gospel of the kingdom to the whole human family; that we will seek constantly to lead our friends and acquaintances to the knowledge and acceptance of Christ;

That we will cooperate with other churches and agencies against all form of evil, endeavoring to bring about the union of all who love in the service of all who suffer;

That upon moving from this locality, we will, as soon as possible, unite with some other church in which we may carry out the spirit of this covenant;

That, through all of our days, come what may of good or ill, we will strive to live to the honor of Jesus Christ and the glory of God the Father.